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While Wise Timetable is the pinnacle of scheduling solutions, we believe that excellence shouldn’t come at a premium. Our competitive pricing ensures that institutions of all sizes can benefit from our cutting-edge software. Training and advanced usage learning packages are available in our beautiful country in the center of Europe.

Unlike other systems, Wise Timetable combines unparalleled functionality with budget-friendly pricing. We’ve invested over 22 years in continuous improvement, making us the go-to choice for universities and schools worldwide.

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Prices are per-timetable, so for University having more Departments, with displayed independent timetables – the price list applies to each independent timetable (one independent timetable can have unlimited number of programmes and other entities).

Number of Students vs Monthly Price: licence and full, continuous support included:
1 – 999 $220
1000 – 1999 $260
2000 – 2999 $300
3000 – 3999 $340
4000 – 4999 $400
5000 – 5999 $440
6000 – 6999 $480
7000 – 7999 $520
8000 – 8999 $560
9000 – 9999 $600
10000 – 10999 $640
11000 – 11999 $680
12000 – 20000 $800
More than 20000 To be defined – custom quoted

Student attendance module (integrated with Wise Timetable): 2400 US$/year. This module works using (always changing) QR code displayed to students, scanned by their mobile phones.

NOTE: Price includes licence fee, continuous support by email and phone (up to 4 hours monthly, up to 16 hours first month). Cloud server with web page displaying the timetables, mobile apps and all the Wise Timetable modules (as Final Exam Planning tools or automatic timetabling) are already included in the price. All the software updates are included during software usage. Payments are done in advance for one year or half of year (up to a customer).

Additional software programming/support hour: 60 US$ (invoiced at the end of month, after work finished). External software integration (if not already implemented inside Wise Timetable) is quoted separaterely.

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