Publish all the timetables to the Web! We have prepared ready-to-use web pages which can be easily included into your web site. To publish the timetable, it is enough to use one keyboard shortcut and off you go! All the bookings made on the web are synchronized seamlessly with the desktop application.

If you work with other users concurrently, you can setup the software to synchronize everything from the central database. There are many ways to organize work across the organisation with Wise Timetable.

Web pages are made differently for access by programs, lecturers , courses, rooms, room view and students. All pages are equipped with searching tool that uniquely identifies student or lecturer. Since it is possible that your timetable differs from week to week, searching by date is enabled.

Our servers are capable of automatic mailing to lecturers - so we can setup weekly (or any other dynamics) mailing to all the lecturers having something next week. They will receive an email with their own timetable for the next week (if there is any). iCal and PDF included.

Publish your timetable to the web page with one click/keyboard shortcut. We provide also a "draft" web pages (and database), so you can send preliminary timetables on internal link for verification by the lecturers.