Ultimate Scheduling Made Simple with Wise Timetable
Crafted Over Years, Perfected by Users Worldwide – Experience Hassle-Free Scheduling

Main Features

Web, mobile, and desktop apps
• Easy and intuitive cloud solution
• 22 years of improvements
• Powerful verification features
• Suitable for any University size
• Share data between Departments
• Maintain whole academic year

Scheduling & Security

• Manual and automatic scheduling
• Unlimited number of users
• Easy data entry and import of data
• Multi/Any-language support
• One click publishing to the web
• Custom and predefined reports
• ISO27001 security certificate 


• Powerful interface to other systems
• Final exams module integrated
• Integration with AD, SSO 
• Compatible with all schools
• Unmatched continuous support
• Simple licencing scheme, all inclusive!
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University of Oxford’s Journey with Our System

As one of our esteemed clients, the University of Oxford embarked on a mission to discover the world’s finest university scheduling software. After years of utilizing our services, they share their remarkable experience:

“I have appended my thoughts below in reference. We came to WISE having assessed the other solutions out there, against a backdrop of clunky software and appalling service from (domestic competition name). The cost was a concern to us, but I could not have been happier with the WISE solution - they have been extremely helpful and delivered a product that works very well, doing all we ask of it. We do not have any association with WISE other than being a happy customer!"

Ian Wright | Departmental Administrator | Department of Earth Sciences

At Wise Technologies, the creators of Wise Timetable, we take pride in offering a robust scheduling software solution designed specifically for universities and schools. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the extensive functionality we provide—surpassing any other similar system worldwide. From seamless schedule creation and maintenance to effortless integration with other systems, Wise Timetable empowers educational institutions to optimize their operations efficiently.

Mihovil Santic | CEO | Wise Technologies, Planning Software Department

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