To generate a timetable automatically, just press icon "Generate". Wise Timetable will generate new highly optimized timetable, taking care of all the restrictions you have made: blockades, room size, equipment required, lecture parameters, locked timetable units, etc... With our software, you can automatically generate a timetable for each week or each semester separately or for whole year at once. It is absolutely flexible!

You can optimize the process of automatic generation by setting up the percentage of deviation for the number of students and the number of seats in the room. Generation can be adjusted according to time constraints - by defining primary and secondary hours for lectures execution, or/and including Saturdays/Sundays.

Generate schedule with click on one icon. It can be over in a seconds even for large universities.
There are hundreds of constraints possible for automatic generating. Wise Technologies engineers developed most comprehensive system with strong AI elements in order to solve a toughest scheduling problems! Here you see only some general constraints - there are many others at course/room/lecturer/group edit screens. 
At course edit screen, you can set a number of generating options, like sequence of course modalities,  available days, starting hours, duration differently by week, make blocks shorter by omitting breaks between the hours
Lecturer generating options include availability, defined/undefined lecturer, constraints, regarding certificates or courses they can teach, location constraints (city, default classroom)
For generating, classroom descriptions are very important - determining size (to match attending student groups size), equipment, location (for traveling teachers, students), hall seat configuration for final exams
Group constraints are taken into account when fitting the classroom (size), checking group availability,maximum allowed hours/week, individual students (if they are assigned to a group) overlapping