About Wise Technologies and Wise Timetable

Wise... Vision of tomorrow.

History of our company Wise Technologies Ltd. started in early nineties, when part of the current management team started with research projects inside local medicine institutes. It involved interesting software and hardware interaction and some of the latest technologies at the time. Wise Technologies started as independent company in year 2003 and later became a part of larger group, all developing new, innovative technologies and products.

Mainly, our products are in the area of:

> Educational infrastructure software
> Hospital managing software
> Laboratory research applications
> Augmented reality in gaming systems
> Automated quality control, using image analysis
> Artificial Intelligence research and products

Wise Timetable started some 22 years ago as a big research and development project for a large University in Central Europe - as enterprise system intended to cover growing complexity of timetabling. The system was redesigned several times with the newest technology available - bringing our users modern and always familiar environment. By doing so, we managed to make the most comprehensive timetabling software available on the market - proven by numerous universities and colleges. This software was made and prepared with many experienced people on the field - in the schools and universities, adapted to all various demands of the modern education system.

And if there is something in your organization very specific (very rarely, because through years we pumped the system with new things) - we can implement it as a new functionality. This way we managed to cover practically all the user requirements received.

Some Wise Timetable features

  • Data input: manual and automatic - Data input is made through the intuitive interface, with step-by-step straight forward data entry. All parameters can be typed-in manually or imported automatically from your old data in different formats (Wise Timetable can read various Excel (csv) files or even read data directly from foreign application database). All input from web and desktop applications is merged together into local XML files or central database on your server (or Wise Technologies servers we provide for our customers).
  • Help and documentation - Even without any help you can master Wise Timetable because of easy and intuitive graphical interface. Besides, we provide an extensive user documentation to describe all the functions in detail and show everything by example. Content sensitive help is provided online whenever you need usage help. Of course, our support system (tickets, email, phone support, ...) is always available to you!
  • Reports - Excel, PDF - Timetables can be extremely complex, because of numerous combinations of all the data possible in different school systems. To ensure that you can easily see how the data is interconnected, we provide many views on the timetable in form of reports, web presentations and direct analysis inside application. With the Wise Timetable reports, all the data is just a few clicks away - you can even customize look and content of the reports.
  • Automatic generating: fast and optimized -Wise Timetable will generate new, highly optimized timetable, taking care of all the restrictions you have made, locked rooms, allowed breaks, room reservations, etc... With our software, you can automatically generate a timetable for each week separately or for whole year at once. It is absolutely flexible and can be combined with manually added fixed hours.
  • Maintenance - We know that no timetable is finite and fixed at the beginning of the year. That's why we took special care of manual timetable maintenance - allowing quick access to small changes on day-to-day basis. With just a few clicks, you can change room reservations, change the lecturer or even the educational program. Everything is optimized for quick and easy control. All changes are transparent through the whole timetable and immediately published to the web or mobile apps.
  • Publishing - You are able to publish all the timetables to the web with just one click. We have prepared ready-to-use web pages which can be easily included into your web site as sub-pages. These apps are suitable for access by professors, students or administrators (for online booking) - all with search fields for easy finding of particular timetable. There are mobile apps for iOS, Android and Web desktop apps as well - everything ready to be incorporated into your own infrastructure (or you can use Wise Technologies environment in cloud).


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