We know that no timetable is finite and fixed at the beginning of the year. That's why we took special care of manual timetable maintenance. With just a few clicks, you can change room reservations or change the lecturer, duration or anything else for the scheduled classes.

Graphical interface is optimized for quick and easy usage. All changes are transparent throughout the timetable.

Your timetable can be maintained by more persons. You can even maintain different timetables (e.g. undergraduate and postgraduate) simultaneously at the same rooms - Wise Timetable will allow you to reserve rooms for different timetables and transfer these reservations between them. You can add comments, which will be displayed in the main workspace, reports and/or in the email notifications.

You can always make corrections to your timetable or even make the whole timetable manually, keeping the data controlled and double-checked by Wise Timetable. Changes in the timetable can be made by making a single cell changes or copying parts of a timetable in a various ways.

You can change timetables for whole school year or just for one week. With the function swap you can quickly swap allocated course with other allocated courses or with empty fields. All changes are transparent and built-in conflict prevention functions will guarantee you against overlapping.

Any entity in Wise Timetable can be easily accessed through edit screens - there we can add blocks, bookings, constraints, and many other parameters for the timetable maintenance.
It is easy to edit blocks of schedules at once or only one week in a series.