Timetables can be extremely complex, because of numerous combinations possible in various environments. To ensure that you can easily see how the data is interconnected, we provide five views on the timetable (view by room, by lecturer, by group, by course and by student). With the Wise Timetable reports, all the data is just a few clicks away!

List of not-allocated turns shows all turns (courses) that are not allocated in the timetable. With the function View occupancy you can see when lecturers, groups or rooms are occupied. You will quickly find free rooms with the help of rooms review. You can send lecturers their timetables by e-mail. There are hundreds of already defined reports inside the software - in desktop and on the web applications.

Some reports can be customized by the users. This means they can add/delete columns with various (predefined) content into the reports.

Every view can be printed directly or exported to PDF, Excel, or sent to Lecturers by email directly from application.
You can always check availability of all the entities by combining them on one screen.