Product overview

What is the advantage of wise timetable over the other timetabling applications?

No Limits

Our software sets no limits on the institution size or complexity

User Friendly

Graphical user interface is more intuitive and user friendly: developed together with registrar offices

Powerful automatic generating

Powerful automatic generation solves problem of the most complex timetables. Many customers of ours thought that only very experienced timetabler can take into account all the constraints needed - but we proved that all of them are in our software as well!

Program is designed to cope with real life constraints such as:
> Room size and availability (including priority of filling-in)
> Required equipment (or other attributes as floor, building, program)
> Lecturer availability (can be undefined and determined automatically)
> Complex lecture distribution through all weeks
> Relative positioning of the courses (against each other)
> Number of hours (or block hours) each week 
> Working hours (with allowed tolerance)
> Days available, or periods (may be different every day, week)
> Limited hours per day or per week (lecturers or students)
> And many more - practically everything our customers wanted to have

  • Advanced assistance tools for interactive timetabling.
  • Wise Timetable can be used to produce unlimited number of timetables.
  • Comprehensive reports and one click notifying by email.
  • Web publishing implemented for windows and unix web servers.
  • Lecture execution is not restricted by time duration or weekly cycles.
  • Your timetable can be spread over the whole year each week differently.
  • Solely scheduling software capable of student level timetabling.
  • Wise Timetable university version complies to Bologne convention.
  • Interfacing to the other applications in your organization has never been easier.
  • Compatible to all popular database systems (e.g. Oracle, MySql, MSSql, ...).
  • Compatible with all Windows platforms.
  • If application is not already localized in your language on your request we will gladly do so.
  • Our users get guaranteed support promptly and professionally without time limits.