Wise Timetable user documentation

User Manual

Detailed User Manual derived from online help integrated in software. Please read in this manual about any technical issue with Wise Timetable or check if your specific needs are already included.


Web applications manual

All the timetables created can be seen online and all the reservations can be made by unlimited number of authorized users through the web applications. This manual describes web application.


Transition to new year

Usually, all the timetable weeks from history are not published. Common case is that academic year is published while the next academic year timetable is prepared and published before end of this year.


File import instructions

Instructions for importing data from CSV (Excel) files. There are many of our customers already having some data in Excel format. We made import easier by allowing fetching of data  automatically.


Release Notes

Release Notes - detailed description of all new features and bug fixes. It is true that (with so large customer base), we always add some small (or big!) features and we try to keep this document up-to-date.


Wise Timetable Web 

Instructions for installation of Wise Timetable web applications setup. This document describe web applications. The pages can be found along the newest desktop installation.


Short presentation

There are many benefits you can find by using Wise Timetable - in this document we just outline some of those in order to have some kind of "management cut" version. 


Main application installation instructions

Installation Instructions: step by step guide for Wise Timetable software installation. We can put all instructions in this sentence: click few times on next and then finish - but sometimes your browser/windows have to ask additional questions about download - so it is described here.


Wise Exam Planner User Manual

User Manual for a special web utility for exam planning. This application can be used completely standalone or import data from the application. Shortly, this is utility for creating exam plan by combining the course information, student groups and professors in a way there are no conflicts.


Connecting application to a database

If you want to publish your timetable to the web pages and/or to have more users working with a timetable at the same time, you have to connect the program to remote database (having data provided to the web site).Step-by-step procedure to connect to a central database.