Import Data

Wise Timetable read and execute SQL commands (retrieving data from DB) directly from your text files.

Following data can be imported from CSV (or Excel) files:

* Rooms (Example of CSV file)
* Lecturers (Example of CSV file)
* Courses (Example of CSV file, Format description)
* Students (Example of CSV file)

Guidelines for importing from CSV files.

If you have your data about rooms, lecturers, programs, subject areas, courses and students in any ODBC compatible database, you can import them. Wise Timetable is compatible with all popular databases (for example Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Interbase, MySQL or any other SQL database supporting ODBC communication and ANSI SQL).

Guidelines for importing from database.

Along with the predefined imports, Wise Timetable provide "Custom import". These imports are available by using a special function which requires a customer "import code". Until this moment, we have already several hundreds of customized import functions made for our customers.