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DEMO - registration

Room booking web demo is available here. Please use username 'demo' and password 'demo' to login and make bookings.
Please complete this registration to download the installation. Thank you!


You can try Wise Timetable for free - practically all functionality is there, while you test the software. We will be happy to assist you in case of any questions about the software usage. For details about licensing and support options just write to us. Trial version will expire in one month and will remain to be functional only as a demo software. There are some functions not included in trial version such as: connection to database/web applications, mobile phones functions, some restrictions in automatic generating and reports... We are sure that in this period you will find the software suitable and contact us to obtain a full version!

Wise Timetable licensing is based on very simple business model: it is always service (support) and license together, based on a single service plan - on a monthly basis (it depends on our customer's preference, how many months are included at once).

The pricing is based on your information about organisation size (number of individual schedules, programs, students and locations). It is not possible to publish the prices on the web, since they depend on individual organisation size and number of published schedules - however, taking into account that Wise Timetable is by far the most complete scheduling system you can use today, we are offering low cost of the yearly/monthly licence and maintenance fee.


List of all the services you get with the full version of Wise Timetable:

• Upgrades of all system components, including desktop application clients, web applications, web server and mobile applications
• Customisation of web pages – setting of University logo. These web pages are visible by students and lecturers
• All school systems are supported. ONLINE classes are available directly from published schedules
• Hosting of web pages (server) on Wise Technologies cloud server – configurable on AWS Amazon or Microsoft Azure cloud system
• Help with system functionality usage – at the time of schedule creating and maintenance (e.g. data import or publishing)
• Daily backup of all the data – done twice a day and weekly (cloud backup)
• Installation of non-limited number desktop applications with connection to server (can be on Customer's site or Wise Technologies site)
• Two account managers provided for support
• System administration (database(s), connections to database or enabling mobile data)
• Maintenance and upgrades of mobile applications (both, for iOS and Android mobile platforms)
• Web application for exam planning (checking exam dates vs schedule resources)
• Final exam automatic scheduling module incorporated into the main system
• 24h response time for all the inquiries. Apart from technical support, included is help for program usage
• Data entry/import support (we can assist with automatic data import from other software or database)
• Maintaining a service for sending emails to lecturers each week, containing attachments with next week schedule
• Options questionnaire on the web for the students prior the semesters
• Office 365 and Shibboleth SSO authentication options (apart from local/manual)
• API available for inbound and outbound integration with other systems
• Automating a conflict free class schedule
• Automating a conflict free midterm and final exam schedule
• Web room bookings with approvals (classrooms, conventions center, meeting rooms) are available for all staff and faculty
• Public displays out of the box functionality (also smart-TV or any web capable device)
• Staff and student engagement by publishing personalized timetables
• Two-way Integration with all Student Information Systems (API, DB and file exchange supported)
• Out of the box reporting, compatible with outside calendars, standard formats
• System is capable of importing the data from the excel file and able to export to multiple readable formats (Excel, PDF, etc.,)
• Online training provided for the users and admin
• Additional hours of custom programming (e.g. API upgrade, reports change, ...)
• Without any size limitations (also multiple locations, buildings, ...)