Other Planning Products

After production of Wise Timetable, we decided to make similar completely web-based applications, more focused to tasks like event planning for enterprise facilities and online scheduling. So we created additional three (completely standalone) solutions to better suite specific planning demands. These are also available on Mac/Linux/Win based systems.

Wise Time Planner: online scheduling with clash checking: can be customized for all schools

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Powerful and simple to use

This software package provides complete time planning system for any organization having necessity to administer large amount of time events and share results to their users. Software was made in cooperation of several companies in Central Europe, led by Wise Technologies. The whole concept is based on simplicity of use through the web based applications, still covering even most complex time planning tasks.

And if there is something in your organization very specific - we can implement it as a new functionality in Wise Time Planner software. The whole system is made as easy customizable framework - easily adaptable to specific needs of target customers. This includes Universities, tuition schools, high schools, and others.

Even if you have multiple locations,large number of students or teachers, different rules for locations - everything is covered by this enterprise software system. We even support communication between teachers and students through the online published timetable (like exchange of materials etc... ). Also online tuition is supported by marking online classes.

Please check the documentation here:

Administration guide - here you will find detailed product description based on test data
User manual - for the users allowed only to view timetable on the web (with some small interaction)

Wise Event Planner: complete event planning tool

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Now, this is something made not exclusively for educational purposes. Wise Event Planner was made in order to manage (from small to enterprise) conference centers (can be in educational institution, hotel, resort, standalone, ...). The system makes the whole Event planning process easier for all the involved users: Event hosts, organizers and participants. Application is available through the web server, allowing users to login remotely, yet - all the data is secured and system components available only for the authorized personnel.

The whole process is streamlined and customized according to Event host decision flow, providing clear information on Event lists, statuses and Client/Participant involvement.

The system consists of three main parts:
1.Event host administration and approval system.
2.Client (event organizer) user interface.
3.Participant's user interface.
All the components are interconnected through the common database, which provides accurate status of all the current Events and archived history of previous events and participants.

Event planner guide - here you will find detailed product description. All common administration tasks are also described here.

User manual for clients : for those who hire conference rooms.
User manual for finance department - depending on customizable process flow, they are important part in final decision making about the event.
User manual for scientific committee users - as part of decision making process flow.
User manual for participants - users who sign-in on events organized by Clients or by Event host.

Wise Exam Planner: online exam planning tool

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When you have a lot of exams in different periods and have to combine all the courses data, lecturers, student groups and possible dates - well, can be very complicated without a proper tool. That's why we created a special web application for planning the exams. When you create exam events, software always check if any overlapping or conflict is made with previous exams or with possible (non)availability of students or professors. As output, program creates a simple Excel file, containing complete exam schedule - this can be easily imported also to other applications.

User manual - also included in software (online), describes basics of utility usage, including import of existing data.